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You can make sure about that by going to the Apple menu, then About This Mac. That window will show processor speed and memory installed plus a couple of other items , Then, click on the More Info button. That will bring up the System Profiler, where you can look at the hardware configuration Hardware Overview What is listed next to Model Identifier?

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A newer Core 2 Duo can even be upgraded to The main reason I ask about this, is that an operating system upgrade will provide newer versions of Safari, and you will have the opportunity to use other, more up-to-date web browsers that you might prefer, and the upgrade should let your browsing experience improve, hopefully, with better security, too.

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Here is the info you requested: Model Name: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed: B08 SMC Version system: Actually there is. Software compatibility. I would prefer not to have to buy new software or expensive upgrades, especially those applications that now only give you one-year licenses. Here is a list of some of them I have: DeltaMac Tech Feb 21, Text Wrangler is free software - maybe you meant some other name.

You may not be able to reinstall Office , in latest OS X version, not sure about that. But, if you simply upgrade, it should be OK. Even Office , can go to OS X I am not sure if you can still purchase the stand-alone Office , but the Office can be purchased as stand alone, too.

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No chance of going to CS6, I suppose? I think I might try upgrading on one of the machines at this point. If I screw up, can I use Time Machine to go back to the old system?

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How do you suggest I go from Can I leave Adobe at CS4? I 'think' when they came out with CS5, it no longer could work with CS4 files.

You have If you want to try an upgrade to Lion, there's two methods to get there assuming that you don't already have any newer OS X installers, and have not purchased any You have to purchase Lion, which you can get at the Apple online store from here. But, the purchase will give you a redemption code that you use in your App Store. You need a Mac that has an App Store, which means that you have to upgrade to Snow Leopard first, then fully update to You would also have to purchase Mountain Lion from HERE you would not need Lion if you do that Those are the only choices that you have to upgrade directly from Apple, unless you want to update to the El Capitan which would be a big leap for you, mostly because of your software needs So, just to recap, if you want to move to more modern system, you have to first go to Snow Leopard, then you have access to several choices for upgrades through the App Store.

And, you can make a bootable flash drive from that downloaded installer app.

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If you get the installer through another Mac, or even download it through a friend's Mac, that downloaded installer can work to install a newer OS X version on whatever Mac will be compatible with that system. No need to go through the upgrade to Snow Leopard first if you already have the Lion or Mountain Lion installer through another method. If you already have a Mac with a newer system Snow Leopard or newer , or if you know someone who may be able to help you with a download, then that will be an ideal situation. With features like annoyance blocking, tab overview, and phishing and malware detection, Camino keeps you browsing safer and faster on the Web.

Camino 2.

Safari 5 for Leopard 5.0.1

Camino includes built-in phishing and malware protection using the same data provider as popular browsers like Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome. If a site requires Flash animations or pop-ups, Camino can add an exception for just that site and still block annoyances on other sites. Camino includes the ability to save usernames and passwords in the Mac OS X Keychain, maintaining compatibility with Safari and other Mac OS X applications and making switching browsers easier.

Camino includes support for spell-checking in every text field. Camino supports the detection of RSS and Atom feeds in web pages and can pass the feeds to your favorite feed reader, including certain web-based readers like Google Reader and My Yahoo.

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