Wbfs for mac os x format

Renamed games are correctly updated inside the app. Partition names are correctly displayed in the Format panel.

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Other minor bugs fixed. The option to download the game covers has been moved to the Preferences panel. Games can be dragged from the Icon view to the Finder.

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Games on WBFS partitions can be correctly verified. The table columns are sortable again.

Wii, Homebrew and WBFS Manager

New QuickLook plugin to preview and display thumbnails in the Finder of. New icon display mode along the already known list mode. Conversion to.

WBFS partitions are now correctly detected. The details popover is automatically updated when the selected game changes inside the same window.


QWBFS Manager () Free Official For Mac OS X Download Via Torrentfunk - parpotixiro92’s blog

Nintendo Wii is a video game console which has had great success. If you're a user of this platform, it's advisable that you create backups of your games.

How to Format a USB sitck on Disk Utility

Now you'll be able to do so with WBFS , the version for Mac of a program which has become famous on other platforms, which allows you to create and manage backups of Wii games. Thanks to this program you'll be able to easily work with your games, creating complete lists with their data.

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  • Rename discs, process batches of ISO images The software has a simple interface on which all options are at hand, thus, it won't cost you anything to handle it. Requirements and additional information:. Antony Peel.