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Has someone been trying to twink out an url instead of using the Del key? Amy, what browser are you using?

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Full Member joined: This wouldn't be the address drop down history list would it? HI, I am on a Mac and I use firefox and safari, it happens with both of them, even with my mail program and yes in the same place every time it's just a little white rectangle, which appears right under where you put in the url. Oh the monitor I have is pretty new, it's the 20 inch gorgeous apple monitor all white, very nice: Hmmm, do Mac users have toolbars and such?

If so, is it possible you are seeing a "ghost" of one of those toolbars? Maybe go through the process of elimination and deselect items that are shown and see which one it is that controls that little white rectangle.

Aug 1, posts: Does this happen when you start to type in an URL, a white rectangle pops up? If it's working properly, it should have suggestions of possible websites have been to in the past. Amy, can you make a screen shot of this and post it somewhere? Oh sure I can do that, I don't see the little white rectangle now but when it comes back, I will take a screen shot and send it to you thank you.


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I am still seeing the little white rectangle this morning and it appears that there are a few rectangles behind it, it's the same place as before. Junior Member joined: Did you get a screenshot?

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Is it still there? If not, what did you do to make it go away? You say "little" Is it solid white or translucent? Are they pixel-sized rectangles? We call this the "dancing pixels" syndrome. I used to get them all the time on my 30", but less frequently now. They'll disappear if you change your screen resolution, then change it back again. Oct 22, posts: New User joined: Jan 29, posts: The following message was spliced on to this thread from: Hoping to help, Francis.

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New E. It does not happen in the other account. I now think it comes up when I open Firefox browser which is what I use most. When I close Firefox it goes away. What in Firefox could be causing this?

How do I get rid of the white box that appears behind the Firefox window?

First follow the instructions on this page. If there's a Firefox extension you can't remove in the Extensions manager, see below. Copy the selected text to the Clipboard by pressing the key combination command-C. In the Finder, select. You won't see what you pasted because a line break is included. Press return. A folder should open with an item named "Mozilla" selected. Quit Firefox if it's running. Move the selected item to the Trash.

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Relaunch the browser and test. If this folder exists, you may be prompted for your administrator login password when making changes to it. Some kinds of malware may insert code into the Firefox application itself. If the above steps don't solve the problem, quit Firefox, delete it from the Applications folder, and download a fresh copy directly from mozilla. It worked perfectly. Thank you so much Linc.

You are so smart!! I appreciate your help today. This is what was in the extension folder. There was nothing inside maybe it was because i restored Firefox in your instructions. But I trashed the entire extension folder and no trouble. Communities Contact Support. Sign in.

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