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With iGrand Piano, you'll feel like you're playing a real piano. The collection of sampled pianos in iGrand Piano provides a huge range of sonic choices. All instruments in iGrand Piano have been meticulously sampled in high-definition across multiple velocities. Play a note in the middle of the keyboard and listen to its warmth and richness.

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Play a high note and notice the realistic change in timbre as you get into the higher octaves. No other piano app offers anywhere near the same level of sonic detail. Seven pianos are included with the purchase of iGrand Piano, and an additional one is unlocked when you register your app. In addition to the base instruments included in iGrand Piano, you can also expand your sonic reach with sound packs that introduce a whole new spectrum of playing: Try Piano Expansion Pack 1 to introduce 9 additional instruments or Piano Expansion Pack 2 to unlock 22 extra instruments.

That makes for 40 sounds in total! A free version of iGrand Piano is also available. It gives you one piano another one can be unlocked when you register your app , that's limited to 49 notes. You can upgrade to the full version from this free version or even jump straight into the full collection. As great as the instruments in iGrand Piano sound, there will be times that you want to adjust them to suit a particular song or situation. All the knobs can be assigned to MIDI controllers for external adjustments. In addition, iGrand Piano now features a variations system that lets you save your tonal adjustments to one of four conveniently placed buttons that sit just next to the knobs themselves.

The recorder built into iGrand Piano lets you capture your rehearsals or performances with ease. Select a tempo on the metronome, which has a large visual display along with its audio click, or use the Tap Tempo feature. Hit the record button, and play your part. You can even quantize your recording to even out rhythmic inconsistencies. You can email it, share it with iTunes File Sharing, or use the copy feature.

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If you want to save processor resources, you can change to the Low latency setting, via the drop-down Settings menu. From that menu you can also adjust the playing feel by altering the Velocity Curve from hard to soft steps.

With iGrand Piano you're in complete control. And while you can use the onboard touchscreen keyboard to play your sounds, the real fun starts when you explore IK's world of external input options. Keyboard player?


Try it with iRig Keys with Lightning or iRig Keys Pro , two compact and portable 3-octave keyboards that you can use while on the go. El programa en si funciona muy bien, pero no se puede configurar nada. No se puede ni cambiar el ic ono de al lado del reloj que es una ventana cutre , ni el acceso directo por teclado Y no se puede conservar el numero de escritorios para la proxima vez que enciendas el PC.

Pros: Eficaz No requiere instalacion Rapido Muy bonito. Funcional pero muy sencillo. Es funcional para una maquina que no disponga de muchos recursos, pero podria tener un mejor acabado y mej orar la forma de configurarlo. Pros: Funcional. Bueno en el trabajo me permiite ocultar ciertas cosas que mis jefes no se den cuenta jejeje, es divertido y muy util tambien para trabajar con mas ventanas abiertas para que no se haga tanto enrredo.

Using a virtual keyboard can be extremely useful in situations requiring special characters or other languages.

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It can also assist in an emergency situation, such as being the bridge between a broken physical keyboard until the time of its replacement, for example. It can also help those who prefer to use the mouse whenever possible.

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Layout and functions The keyboard layout by default is in the English language. To change it, there are two ways: you can click the button with the shape of a marker at the top of the program interface. The other way is by accessing the "Tools" menu in Chrome, "Extensions" and choosing "Options" in the plugin in question. Regardless of the form used, once you have accessed the layout properties, simply choose the new language from the list and add it.

To remove a previously added language, double-click on it. Keep in mind that the program requires that at least one layout is selected for the keyboard. Our opinion about Teclado Virtual do Google. The Virtual Keyboard Google is a good alternative for those who need or like to use a virtual keyboard while browsing the internet. It has no limitation on which pages to display, and the only detail missing from the layout is the presence of the "Enter" key.

This makes it necessary to use the "Enter" of the physical keyboard when you enter the data you entered.