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Watch the drone show at the Winter Olympics light up the sky and break a world record. At Rio who made the record for the fastest goal scored in football in Olympics by scoring a goal in 14 seconds. The Latest at the Olympics: Olympic Love Stories: Remsen to cheer on Hamlin leading US Olympic team in opening ceremony 1 day ago. Halesowen boost survival fight with victory against ten-man Rushall Olympic. Pyeongchang Vegas Strong: The meaning this year for one local runner carrying the Olympic torch 2 days ago.

Home grown: With the next Winter Olympic games only a few days away the media is already fawning over the super-toned men and women who will represent. Thank you to you and the LARadio readers for their love and support! Congrats Tim! So proud of you! News At the time Ryan said: Tactics and Strategy published through Broadcasting Magazine still in print after three printings with a Spanish version translated and published in Spain He also was weekly columnist in the Gavin Report for 19 years in the s through the early s For many years Gary Owens offered one of the most memorable holiday moments in the long history of Los Angeles radio Eric emailed a tale from behind the scenes of this on-air incident: Gary began to giggle and manfully kept going but the advertiser name was to be read repeatedly in the script He never made it all the way through And now you knowthe REST of the story Eric You can hear this Christmas tale via You Tube: We are not politically correct but We are correct!

Jim Roope Photo: Jeff Gehringer added: February 10 At Games reception a hopeful dessert and a hasty Alibaba AI programs beat humans in a Stanford reading test. The PyeongChang diaries: Pyeongchang Olympics Dates amp Times. Link Moris Kvitelashvili: You will not feel the Olympic atmosphere until you come to the Olympic village. With the An athletic competition modelled on the Olympic Games for athletes with mental disabilities First held in originally called the Chicago Special Olympics and now recognized by the International Olympic Committee the Special Olympics include international competitions held at two-yearly intervals as well as competitions on local and national levels.

Host country na South Korea nasungkit ang kanilang unang gold medal sa Winter Olympics. Let me win But if I cannot win let me be brave in the athletes and their families everywhere Special Olympics is an enduring symbol of hope. Latest Olympic games ranking list top 20 popular sports played in around the World. Olympic Frames: Should esports be considered for the Olympics What are the implications of your answer. Our On Ice: Press conference for the sport activity to the nd Anniversary of the Olympic Days. Today was the 2nd annual Special Olympics polar plunge!

Winter Olympics luge as it happened: David Gleirscher wins gold Shiva Keshavan ends 34th. Best of Buro: The Dorchester brand lands in Dubai Winter Olympics and more. Snowboarder Red Gerard proves a Colorado boy can fly winning Olympic gold in slopestyle. Why Stoking Excitement for Winter Olympics is All UphillNo matter the year or the season the Olympics are often fraught with international complications and personal dramas. Olympic TV highlights for Sunday: Finnish Olympic team will rise to international forefront of sports fashion with Icepeak collection.

North Korea says no US talks planned at Olympics as Pence heads for take heed — this ancient spider had a whip-like tail. Welcome to The Nifty Cowgirl where you can find some helpful horse hints good to know facts recipes DIY projects and products reviews Most everything on this site is related to horses and farms Everything I post is based on experience thorough research or word of mouth in the horse world I always research products and ingredients to ensure that they are safe for the horse I search for evidence and support for theories and ideas that I hear about Most of all I pay attention to the horse and use common sense Visit the forum post questions and problems others and myself can try to give you some tips and answer your questions I do not run this site to make money and do not accept money offers If you would like to make a donation please instead give it to your local charities animal rescues and nonprofit organizations Some Ideas: People watched over million hours of pro e-sports last year and Olympic organizers are paying Virginia Aquarium amp Marine Science Center!

Luger Shiva Keshavan finishes 34th in his 6th and final Winter Olympic campaign. Six Nations sports tourism in Wales. Olympic PyeongChang Team USA Olympic gloves: Was that an athlete or Lloyd Christmas from ampaposDumb and Dumberampapos. Badass Mainer of the Month: Competition pushes off as second day of Olympics draws to a close. Growing up in Vermont and making maple syrup with my family was very special so selling maple syrup to help others is an amazing opportunity! I chose to sponsor Kirindon because they were a suffering area at the time when I was looking to help out in a big way so we fit perfectly!

Winter Olympics opening ceremony Highlights from the celebration in Pyeongchang. How long are you here for? What are you doing? Have you just been arrested? Myriad potentialities can prevent you from going where only some dare to go — the longterm relationship with a local lady. Where is this going? And how is he so incredibly handsome? I was calm blue oceans and a couple of. So it was bulletproof me, straight back into the selfish hedonism of my life before this girl. What happened? Had my own brain sabotaged me again? But it was too late. Unsurprisingly, they only served as confirmation of her decision.

The steadier, older ship had already left the port with her in tow, not even waving goodbye. For those of you who have arrived here with your girl from home and survived this far, I envy you. My simple advice is to be honest at all times, and stay that way. Yours Sincerely, A. Mayall The views published in this article are those of the writer and do not in any way represent the opinions of Word Vietnam. You should get a woman writing telling her story.

It will make all you men out there cringe. The equivalent journey from Noi Bai to Central Hanoi by car is 40 minutes. They are short here, even without a completed metro system and designated bus lanes. We all have stories. At one time my father was spending three hours a day on trains to get from South London to his office in Islington. Our deputy editor, Ed Weinberg, remembers a period where his mother spent six hours a day travelling between New Jersey and her work in Brooklyn, New York. Travel time eats into personal productivity.

It translates into time to kill, moments when we could be doing something else, something more productive. Imagine if there was no such thing as a commute. We would have far more time for both work and play. Western Red Tape Such time savings peculiar to Vietnam can be found in other areas, most notably communication. Email signatures even include Skype addresses. This country has embraced the digital age at full throttle.

Aided by free Wi-Fi at every turn — except for when the internet cables go down somewhere in the East Sea — communication is necessarily fast. Locked in a business environment more suited to the 20th century, embracing technology has been a struggle. He says it's due to legal reasons. To get in touch with him I have to go through his receptionists who have been taught to block at every turn. Yet if I want to contact the head person of a company in Vietnam, I can always search out their mobile number.

It takes time, but with a few calls I can get there. And even if friends have the contacts I need, there is a reluctance to give out such personal information. And if I get an email address, the response will take around five days. Slow or preventative communication is mot good for a country only just poking its head above recession. Competitive Advantage There are a number of factors that create economic growth, and one of them is an increase in productivity. In communication and commute times — factors which affect individual productivity — Vietnam has a distinct advantage over its rivals elsewhere.

Yes, red tape can slow things down, but on a day-to-day basis, getting things done is relatively easy. Vietnam is often knocked for its shortcomings. But by leapfrogging onto the technological advances of the late 20th and early 21st centuries, and by not being bogged down by the more established and bureaucratic working routines of the developed world, this country is at an advantage. On Tuesday, Aug. This time we have the dubious honour of greeting Messrs. The entrance surcharge is VND, — for advance table bookings, email saigoncomedynights gmail. Apocalaughs Now is organised in conjunction with Comedy Club Asia.

The emerging Saigon sound is a temperamental, much-debated thing — just see our feature about it on page In addition, there will be street artists, art installations, body painters and live visuals. The four-band EP release party and showcase is happening at Cargo on Aug. Ho Tram Beach Resort is the site of this ocean swim, with competitions in m ocean swimming and m beach running, and a 1km beach swim and 1km beach run.

All proceeds go to charities training the next generation of young swimmers — death by drowning is the biggest killer of children in Vietnam — and prizes from The Grand — Ho Tram Strip, California Fitness, Boomarang and other sponsors will be awarded to the top racers. For more info, go to hotramoceanrace. For more info, email vibrationhanoi gmail. Things are about to change. Developing an Attraction Over the past few years the number of tourists visiting Ninh Binh Province has grown annually by 18 to 24 percent. Conservative projections, before the June designation, suggest the province could host six million visitors in — one million of those being foreign tourists.

After an easy two-to-three-hour motorcycle ride, city folk will find themselves amid paddy fields divided by karsts and ridges draped in lush greenery. The principal attraction, a three hour-long. The battalion of female sampan guides ready for action are well capable of answering questions if posed in Vietnamese. Income from a single boat can support five family members, making it an important source of revenue for the community.

It remains to be seen what may change for the better or the worse. One can only hope. Loreto Vietnam Loreto Vietnam works tirelessly to give disadvantaged kids a chance in life. Words by Ed Weinberg. This teacher, she has 30 kids who are three or four years old to entertain all day, with no resources. Steph flashes onto another slide of an outdoor, two-walled room. There were no books. They were so excited about the books — they had no interest in the fact that all these strangers were standing there!

To do this, Loreto works with local. We work in quite remote places. All of them are either blind or vision-impaired. That is, the dedication to getting invested in improving shared space in Ho Chi Minh City. Shared Creativity For Ho Chi Minh City, those demonstrations of shared values in public space could be a mural painted on a bare concrete wall or a mosaic along a highway median.

With a little bit of Photoshop magic, a barren construction site could become a familyfriendly park, and a derelict parking lot a public garden. And while the possibilities are seemingly endless, the goal is simple: We hope to inspire people to do more things like that. Submissions of photos of real spaces in Saigon with digital renderings of improvements are invited. More information on submissions can be found by visiting saigonmakeover.

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Reconstructing the City W The pending metro line makes an imprint in Saigon. Photo by Francis Xavier. Nhieu Loc Canal in District 3 was dredged, while 51km of combined primary and secondary sewers and km of tertiary sewers were replaced. The renovation caused roads to be dug up and traffic to be brought to a halt. An estimated 1. The latest city-changing project is the metro line, and at the end of July the underground section of Line 1 finally made its mark on downtown Ho Chi Minh City.

Work is already underway at the terminal opposite Ben Thanh Market. Housed 40m underground, the central station will consist of two parts: These will be surrounded by retail shops and a 25,sqm trade centre will be located underground along Le Loi. The roundabout and central reservation at the junction of the two roads has been torn down to make way for the development, and as a result traffic has intensified along Le Thanh Ton.

Due to go into operation in Line 2, however, which will initially run from Ben Thanh to Tham Luong in District 12, will create far more disruption. Running underground along Cach Mang Thang Tam before heading out towards Cu Chi and Tay Ninh, its construction will make for extensive traffic delays in an already over-congested area of the city. Having an extensive metro system is vital for Ho Chi Minh City.

The journey to get there, however, requires a fair amount of pain along the way. Here, the football is played with a round black-and-white ball and goalies. Five-a-side not only means more individual chances with the ball, but considerably more shots on goal. One game I was watching was at halftime, considerably different to some of the scorelines at the World Cup earlier this summer. By the end of a minute match, the tallies are high and the legs are burning. Amid them was Irish expat Sean Boyle, who put the league together some two years ago not just to connect with other expats, but to put his skills as a goalkeeper to good use.

Close tabs are also kept on player statistics. The Spoils Is it a stepping stone to the V-League? Everyone looks forward to it on a Monday night. The playing cost is VND, per team per week. Boyle estimates the league holds up to four seasons in a year. Visit leaguesite. A very long time. It was with that knowledge that Sailing Club celebrated its two decades of existence last month, with an epic party that jammed in 2, revellers and a whole lot of entertainment.

Nor are Nha Trang sunsets. Time to pencil in anniversary number Maru is a lovable hooligan, kicking when in battle with a toy but cuddling when in contact with a volunteer, yowling his affections out loud for all to hear. Especially little pieces of chicken that fall on the floor. And his best quality?

Contact arcpets gmail. The idea was simple: Little Rose is a District 7 shelter for young girls who have been victims of sexual abuse, and this fundraiser is to help them build a nice, fully-stocked library. Helping with the music side of things is non-profit student group, Anh Duong, designed to get young people involved in charitable endeavours — future leaders learning the value and importance of helping those in need. Or help Little Rose Shelter directly by clicking on littleroseshelter.

Six artists from five countries will promote the concept that time invested is an exchange value that justifies and determines wealth. Opening Aug. On display will be work from Adriana Bustos Argentina , Christopher. Conjuring Capital opens on Aug. For more information, consult san-art. The first 3A Station Bazaar on Aug. Food and performances will also be part of this intriguing effort. The 3A Station Bazaar is kicking off on Aug.

YouTube動画を検索して頭出しできるサイトMoovleに" . . "までの1週間に登録した動画

For more info, contact Trang on There will be three brackets — the marathon level All finishers of the marathon and half-marathon challenge will receive a medal and T-shirt. The top finishers in each race will also receive prizes, to be awarded at a gala dinner. The Danang Marathon takes place in Danang on Aug. For up-to-theminute details, check rundanang. After helping to make Saigon a hotbed of dance, Dancenter is concentrating on our future — pop culture-loving kids.

Starting this summer on Aug. The Kids Training Course is spread over three active and informative days, and runs for a total of 20 hours. For further information about the courses, visit lifebright. Annam Gourmet annam-gourmet. Until Sep. Raised on analogue synths and music from Italian Giallos and horror movies, his sets are an unpredictable journey into.

But William Bottin makes a good case. For a sneak hear, go to soundcloud. Look no further than the New World Hotel from now to Sep. Purchase these mooncakes for VND, for a box of four, or VND, each cake, with special discounts on purchases of This is the one time of year your sweet tooth and your traditional values match up perfectly. Renaissance Riverside renaissance-saigon. And if you think ahead — and how could you not, knowing of all the harmony and success in your future? Shang Palace shangpalace.

This tidy package includes an overnight stay, two tickets to Retro Night, round-trip transfers from Ho Chi Minh City, 30 percent discounts on facial treatments. For reservations, email reservations thegrandhotramstrip. This international dance-off will be held on Aug. Besides the performances. Battle of the Year takes place Aug. For more details, go to facebook. This will all be followed by a networking party. For more info or to register go to m2. Standpoint Theories, date not yet confirmed And this Aug.

Participating in the classical event of the year will be renowned Vietnamese-by-wayof-UK pianist Tra Nguyen,. With 35 of the best young musicians Vietnam has to offer learning at their hands, Saigon Chamber Music promises to provide enough classical entertainment to keep you going for the rest of the year.

For more info check facebook. Bailando Enrique Iglesias, featuring Gente de Zona. Latin hits always stick in my head. I wish this band would come to town: They are all insane. How is the scene going? The scene is definitely going up. We are trying hard to offer some more options to EDM and commercial hip-hop, where the only thing that matters is the pose.

But we need more gear, more people. The best secret in town is: I try to do it at 6pm, to see how the night is getting started. Go to tamhao. Photos provided by Renaissance Riverside Hotel Downtown five-star Renaissance Riverside put together an evening of cocktails, arts and stunningly designed contemporary jewellery with the aid of Galerie Quynh, Vivekkevin and a nice dose of live music.

If you have a noteworthy event which you think would fit into our coverage, please email news wordvietnam. Battle of the Year highlights the tremendous strides hip-hop dancing has taken out here for all the world to see. A Station is calling in the reinforcements for the first of its bi-monthly weekend markets, set to have 40 stalls selling locally sourced and handmade products, and to deliver on the communityoriented promise many feel the space holds. From 2 to 9 aug.

The ho chi Minh city conservatory nguyen Du, Q1. From Aug. Original saigon music concert, 5pm cargo bar. From 6 to 11pm last call. From aug. To have your event included in our calendar, please email news wordvietnam. DOuble TrOuble. With flamenco flair blended with classical French vocals, the pair are a charming balance of smooth vibes and fiery speed thanks to their collection of jazz, folk and Latin numbers. With a new menu each week throughout August, visitors to Il Faro can taste the best of Liguria, Sardegna and Sicily, with a few places in between.

Visit bnbilfarohanoi. Taking the audience on a musical journey of 18th century German classical music, this will be the third time that Chamberlain will have played at the Goethe Institut, having already performed in and Tickets are available from 10am on Monday Aug. For more information email info hanoi. A popular Vietnamese author and translator, Di Li will converse with Dutch poet and historian Dick Gebuys about his poetry that she has translated into Vietnamese.

In response, Gebuys will open up a dialogue with Di Li about her short stories. The conversations and an open discussion will be in both English and Vietnamese. Entry is free. Pre-event meals, snacks and drinks can be purchased at the venue. For more information call 04 or email bookworm fpt. The talented photographer spent months travelling the country to capture such locations as Shirakami-Sanchi Mountain Range, the historic monuments of ancient Nara and the Ogasawara Islands in a stunning display of natural and historical beauty. The work of Kazuyoshi Miyoshi is on exhibition until Aug.

Admission is free. On Aug. This is followed on Sep. For further information email info hanoioperaguild. Minutes from the city with unobstructed lake views, Fraser Suites Hanoi offers you the award-winning service even ancient kings would envy. On Thursday, Aug. The event kicks off at 8pm. Entrance is VND50, With 10 short films selected from the renowned International Film Festival of Berlin, Hanoi will be treated to silver screen gems from the other side of the globe. Visit goethe. Screenings are free. The event is presented by the Hanoi Comedy Collective.

At the end of this year Hanoi Soundwalk will return to the capital but with a twist — the. With support already garnered from the Danish Embassy and the Danish Composers Association, additional funding is presently being sought online through a crowdfunding campaign. To help give this unique cultural experience a second life, simply go to j. For further information email hello soundwalkproject. Then, on Saturday, Aug. The monthly bike ride inspired by Critical Mass that has reached cities worldwide continues this August on Friday Aug.

From there the cyclists will traverse the streets of the capital en masse, reclaiming what many believe is rightfully theirs — a city devoid of motorbikes, cars and trucks. Everyone is welcome to join free of charge. Simply turn up at the allotted time and date. For further information go to thbc. With a lakeside BBQ, plenty of bia hoi and a full menu of cocktails, the organisers are also promising a host of surprises beyond sundown.

Brave summer party souls are in for something awesome if they stick around. They could even party all night. Bus services to the location from Spy Bar are available, and advanced tickets are VND, including two free drinks.

EXO at the Winter Olympics - FULL Performance - PyeongChang 2018 Closing Ceremony - Music Monday

Hang Bai, Hoan Kiem — but three almost all at once. Yes, three. Get it? These guys are here in force, looking to make an impact. So to all you Hanoians out there, the world of Starbucks awaits you. Unless you prefer your ca phe den da with a nice dose of egg in it. With a fresh lineup of new music, DJs and cocktails, the aim is to make The Vault into something of an up-and-coming alternative dance hub, with a fusion of techno, drum 'n bass, house, garage, reggae, dancehall and, strangely, the promise of yodeling in with the mix. Designed with a distinct underground vibe, The Vault has the personality of a basement dance party, with plenty of room on the dance floor and a selection of upcoming live acts to fill their event calendar.

So get there early Red River Sessions is slated in for Aug. With the first Excite party attracting more than 1, people and with some pretty big things and DJs in the pipeline, Eden is one to watch. For more information check out their Facebook page — facebook. Set outdoors down Ngo , Au Co and close to the Tay Ho end of the Red River, Eden is the latest events venue to grace the capital, but this time in a garden space with a marquis, a stage, a BBQ area and onehelluva sound system.

Bringing in DJs, fireshows, magic and a hour food service, the rave-like. Photos provided by the French Embassy The French Embassy staged the World Cup in miniature in Tay Ho with fussball, table tennis and of course the real thing, something called soccer. For the summer months, that means plenty of bia hoi, music and poolside vibes.

MeeT The auThOr: Minh hai resort, bat Trang. Skank the Tank Soundsystem will be bringing the grooves. For Positive Mass, make that a hundred friends. You could even choose to do the ride naked! Well, maybe not. Free entrance. The weather and its consequences claimed the lives of 24 people in July, with secondary hazards like landslides, lightning and rain ramping up enormous costs in property loss.

Damage to more than a hundred hectacres of farmland, houses, canals, roads and electricity has wreaked havoc on. Roads through the Chinese border, including in the province of Ha Giang, suffered the greatest damage, which is expected to effect trading and transportation through the region.

Traffic congestion has also reached new levels, with road blockages through northern provinces common. As of Jul. To date, 17 percent of patients originate from central areas in Vietnam, and 65 percent from northern Vietnam. Nearly 20 percent of reported cases were children as of the beginning of the year, with recent rates having fallen to nine percent. Though Danang is not a hotspot for Japanese encephelitis, parents in the area have recently rushed children to the Danang Preventative Health Centre for vaccination following reported cases in other areas.

Currently, some children are vaccinated every day. Besides Japanese encephilitis, instances of hand-foot-mouth disease have increased by nine percent this year, affecting 2, people nationwide. Both were cited as best to visit during the months between February and August. The 14 new pods measure only four square meters and three meters tall, with some intended as double sleepers. Although the celebratory day marked its third year in the country, new attention has made International Free Hugs Day last month a great reason to.

The central city of Danang — which already boasts a plethora of industrial parks, export processing zones and economic zones — has recently seen even more promise in development and economics, with 23 domestic and foreign investment projects kicking off in the coastal city as of the 23rd of last month.

Nearby provinces are also enjoying major economic upturns with new projects. Tech Savvy Monks In the oldest pagoda in Siem Reap, the monks are bridging a gap between tradition and the modern world. Photos by Dominic Stafford. Regardless of the branch of Buddhism — the two main strands of the religion are Theravada and Mahayana — monks have a vital place in Southeast Asian society. In countries like Thailand and Cambodia, spending a period as a monk is seen as a rite of passage.

Buddhism is at the centre of society. In Vietnam, the likes of Thich Quang Duc, who self-immolated in protest against the war, have been a mobilising force for peace and tradition — Buddhism has been one of the few constants over years of turbulence and change. Yet, monks using technology? Far from it — in Vietnam you often see monks driving motorbikes. In the Theravada tradition, monks are not allowed to have worldly possessions. I [now have] a great bunch of friends.

Most of Wat Bo is covered by Wi-Fi, and many [of the monks] have an old laptop under the bed. Most of the photos are natural, although on occasion the monks do insist on robing up properly prior to Dominic taking shots. The monks are aware of what is expected of them, and behave accordingly where it really matters — but in response to my questioning of phones, a lot of laughter breaks out! They claim to be rather bored at times, and are also keen on communicating with family back home. Words by Nick Ross. Photo by Kyle Phanroy. As I learned about bamboo as a sustainable alternative, I got hooked.

There are around 2, different species of bamboo of which 56 are found in Vietnam.

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One species, tam vong, which is native to Ho Chi Minh City and a surrounding area of km, was particularly good for building. However, the direction change occurred when he attended the International Bamboo Congress in Bali. At the event he met a businessman, Doug Lewis, who had already set up a bamboo factory in Vietnam.

You should come and work with me so when people ask these questions we can answer them and find out if we can use this as a wood replacement. He was also involved in the building of Bamboo Village, a number of projects in Mui Ne and the construction of pre-fabricated bamboo houses that were exported to Hawaii. It was after meeting his wife, Le Duy Lam, that he branched out again.

Having worked for other people for a number of years, the couple decided to forge their own path.

The pair built their own bamboo factory. One of them was bike frames. I had no customers. It was development. A calling. The engineering data — strength versus weight — the durability, the resilience of bamboo. When I saw the trend I saw the possibility. And from the beginning he decided he wanted to make the highest level of bike frame there is, one that could compete in professional, elite bike racing.

He finished number one on the podium. Rather than resting on his laurels he realised now was time to start learning his new trade — bicycles. So the solution is to not make it look like bamboo. You just black it out. For more information go to thebikeshopvn. Embrace or Erase The fine line between urban renewal and gentrification is a constant subject of debate, as our cities move forward into the 21st century. Here we look at two options — embrace the past by fitting the modern city alongside it, or erase it to make way.

Words by Seamus Butler. Additional reporting by Nick Ross. Photos by Kyle Phanroy and Nick Ross. Yet most of the people, businesses, buildings and even roads are always changing. As city dwellers we develop connections to the places we live in, affinities for the established. But the debate between moving forward and cherishing the past is a subject of constant tension.

Urban renewal is a practice that brings both praise and trepidation. Rejuvenation of. Yet gentrification and forced relocation cast ugly shadows over the benefits. But the thing that destroys more buildings than anything else is prosperity. Sitting on red plastic chairs, a tapping foot rests impatiently on the side of a steel nuoc mia cart, a flower-patterned attired woman waits for a customer. A stripped down Honda Cub drives out of the alley next to her exhaling grey and black smoke. Passing inside is a hipster covered in tattoos, locking his neon yellow fixed gear bicycle as three photographers and a lighting technician descend the stairs, snapping photos of a famous Vietnamese actress.

This is the quintessence of Saigon — beautiful rawness that never stops moving. Erase 26 Ly Tu Trong, Q1, Ho Chi Minh City With copied canvases stacked awkwardly in the entrance, this s building is itself made up of layers, progress stacked over previous space. As you wind up the staircase, an occasionally working lift climbs with you. According to Saigon historian Tim Doling, this building was intended for upmarket occupants and contained several important offices.

This building is a work of art, yet will soon be a pile of rubble. The Catinat building, as it is known, will soon suffer the same fate that its predecessors experienced. A repurposed brand new structure containing — oh the irony — upmarket business, offices and apartments, among other facilities will be taking over where the history left off. Born out of a need to find good quality space in central Hanoi, a converted former pharmaceuticals factory that had been repossessed by the bank seemed like the perfect answer.

Suddenly there was an unimaginable volume of space available, crying out for takers. Even the rent was cheap. With five buildings, some built in colonial times, and others added later when Soviet cubism was de rigeur, a few pioneers such as the crew behind Barbetta, the Nha San Collective and the indomitable Nguyen Qui Duc of Tadioto fame rented warehouselike parts of the former factory and began to build.

What they created was special. At once Bohemian, avant-garde and rebellious, it unleashed a frontier-like spirit that brought in other business owners, some with grand ideas and some without. But it worked. But it was too good and too controversial, and injuries due to unsafe construction and a fire that killed six put paid to the grand scheme. In December, Zone 9 was officially closed down. For people like Nguyen Qui Duc, there was also the issue of working with other people in a space that was defined by their ambitions — a constant source of stress and concern.

I wish I had thought more about the risks I recently took at Zone 9.