Mac iosurface buffer allocation size is zero

Any sort of third-party program or extension that does maintenance? My thinking is that you may have used Onyx to change a setting — and that is what is causing this.

Will give it a look-see! Thanks Gary, not only for this needed assistance but for all your videos, forum help, etc. Love being able to watch the videos rather than always reading technical notes. Many thanks!! Uninstalled Onyx and still have the same problem.

Perhaps I need to check out any new genius at the Apple bar. Has anyone else reported this problem?

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Thanks Gary! Onyx is a utility where you can change settings on your Mac.

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If those aren't open the messages are going away. For what it's worth, my iGoogle has a Gmail window in it, so maybe it's just something with Gmail? Aug 17, 5: I'll add to this, as I am getting the same buffer allocation size is zero rather periodically, also.

Now here's the catch.. I'm not running iTunes, or Google Mail or any of those things. Mine throws them out for no particular reason. The only apps I have open are Safari, the console and Thunderbird mail.

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I'll go spurts of several minutes and get several a second Aug 17, 6: I get one of these messages each time I open a new page in this forum. I did not notice this happens when I do anything else. Aug 19, 6: After seeing your post, I checked, and I too get those messages every time I open a page on this forum. For example:.

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Aug 22, 6: IOSurface buffer allocation size is zero More Less. Communities Contact Support.

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Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: IOSurface buffer allocation size is zero I tend to receive the above message when listening to Itunes, this message can cause itunes to pause the music and sometimes cause the whole system to crash. BSD root: Kernel is LP64 Jul 26 Ethernet address c4: Previous Shutdown Cause: Use hw queue 8 for CAB traffic Jul 26 Use hw queue 9 for beacons Jul 26 NTFS driver 3.

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