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You can find this new version on the download page. If you want to help, please make some posts in your community about GCompris and don't hesitate to give feedbacks. As the title says, you can now buy the full version of GCompris for Windows 10 from the Windows Store. This is a good way to make it more visible and easy to find for new users. Also, if you buy GCompris from the Windows Store, you get automatic updates, you can install it easily on all your Windows systems, and it will run in a sandbox. If you prefer to not use the store, or if you only want the free demo version, you can still download it from our Download page , and buy the activation code to unlock all the activities.

The store is just one more way to distribute GCompris, and to provide some income to support the project. Of course, the source code of GCompris is and will always be under a Free-Software license. Note: the package on the store contains the version using the software renderer instead of OpenGL, since it's the only way we have for now to make sure it will work on any computer. If you really want the version using OpenGL, get it from our Download page. This version for Raspberry Pi was made possible thanks to the new "light" mode that we've been working on read the previous post to learn more about this new rendering mode.

It was built and tested on Raspberry Pi 3, where it works good. Since it was not tested a lot yet, this first package is considered beta. Please report any issue you may experience with it. If you can try it on a Pi 2, please let us know the result. The installer is on the Download page with all instructions needed to use it. This is a bugfix release to correct some issues in previous version. Also, we introduce a new "light" version that doesn't require OpenGL to run. This means that it should work on any computer. In this light version, the transparency gradient on the menu is gone, and we had to adapt a dozen of activities that will look a little different in this mode, but should still be usable.

We also added a new Download page on the website, with instructions for each operating system. Last but not least, we now have translation for Indonesian, thanks to some very nice contributors who organised a sprint in Indonesia to work on it. You can find this new version here: Android: The new version is available in the Android store. Windows 32bit or Windows 64bit version. If your distribution doesn't provide an updated package, use one of those standalone installers.

They must be launched from command line, after adding executable permission on the file. Check the Download page for more info. Linux 32bit or Linux 64bit version. Everyone who bought the full version for the last two years will get a new activation code in a few days. This new version contains 8 new activities, half of them being created by last Google Summer of Code students:.

You can find this new version here: Android version Windows 32bit or Windows 64bit version Linux version 64bit source code. One important change on the commercial side of GCompris. After 16 years of continuous development on GCompris, Bruno is willing to step down and gives the opportunity to a new team to bring the project forward. There are no changes in the licensing nor in the development process which is still under the responsability of the KDE community Johnny Jazeix being the most active contributor.

Two years ago I just went out with the insane project of rewriting GCompris in Qt Quick and provide a version to mobile users. Many of you joined the project and made the dream comes true. We now have a free software for children available on all major platforms and most important we give them the ability to choose a free operating system. There are still many things to do. I would like to see more innovative activities, we can experiment, exchange with teachers and find activities that will help them and the children in their teaching. Just on time for Christmas and after 6 months of hard work we are shipping GCompris 0.

So far we have many fixes and improvements all around in commits done by 17 contributors and more than 20 translators. A loading overlay is now available to let the user know that some actions loading a level in an activity for example is taking place and can take some seconds.

We also fixed visual glitches in some activities due to a misuse of ColorOverlay and Colorize items. Thanks to all of you who step by step make GCompris the outstanding educational software it is now. You can check the status of the port. If we keep this momentum we can expect to announce the completion of the port somewhere next year.

Participants donate their time to help improve the software you love and this is why we need money to cover hard expenses like accommodation and travel to get the volunteer contributors to Randa. We have several activities in the pipe coming from our Google of Code students. In Randa we will continue the review and integration of the pending activities, and define how we will implement the most challenging ones that remains to be ported.

We will also take this opportunity to record the voice of any participant to improve our international support. You can support the Randa Meetings by making a donation, following the official page. The release 0. Since last version 0. You can see the result in this video. We are happy to announce that we published on Google play store the first public version of GCompris. One year ago we made the hard decision to fully rewrite GCompris in QtQuick in order to address tablet users while keeping PC compatibility.

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As you can imagine it is a daunting task and something for sure that cannot be done alone. Thanks to the help of the many contributors who joined the project we have been able to port 86 activities out of the of the legacy version in a year. See the status report. We hope to complete the port in the coming year.

We continue to polish the new version every day but we already provide a better user experience than the legacy version. We would like to take this opportunity to thanks the KDE community at large who took us under its cute umbrella and allowed us to attract numerous contributors, developers, translators and provided us development support. Software development is a lot of work, paying for GCompris is a good way to reward us and give us the opportunity to sustain the development on our beloved project.

Another very easy way to help us is to share the news and rate us on Google play.

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We are launching a crowd funding campain with the goal to bring a new improved and unified graphics to GCompris. Currently the graphics are one of the weakest part, as they were mostly done by the developers, using free graphics assets and sparse graphic artist contributions. Making new graphics for more than activities is a big work, so we need your help to achieve this goal. The impact of this technology is to bring literacy to over million children around the world. Give a child the gift of literacy. Do you think GCompris has something to bring and should participate. Do you have ideas on how to reach this goal?

Join the GCompris developer mailing list and tell us, we need your feedback, we need you. I have been particularly discreet for several months. It is not a sign of disinterest in this project, quiet the opposite. In fact as you imagine, many users are requesting us a tablet version of GCompris and I tried to evaluate the different technical possibilities to bring GCompris to this world. The main requirements for me was to be able to have a single code base that would let us target the main desktops and the main tablets.

After looking at different options, I settled on Qt Quick. It is a modern toolkit based on a novative descriptive language called QML that let you describe the user interface, javascript that complement it to code the game logic. It is based on an OpenGL scene graph, we can create shader and particles to make graphical effects and do smooth animations. In order to validate this choice, I did a prototype and this convinced me that it was a pertinent choice for GCompris.

Even if this is a new technology, the learning curve is acceptable, with very few code you can create a very good looking activitiy. In my test it takes about half the lines of code to make the same activity in Qt Quick than we used to in Python and we get a better graphical quality. The bad news is that it is not compatible with the current version of GCompris and it requires a full rewrite. All we can keep is the game logic and tuning, the texts, the translations, the graphics and the sounds.

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I just published the GCompris-qt version on GitHub and updated our development page to give some starting points to build it yourself. For those who don't want to compile it, you can look at the little video. Therefore we cannot participate in the Google Summer of Code under the Gnome umbrella. If you are interested in helping GCompris, I encourage you to learn Qt Quick and to help port some activities. This is a good opportunity to learn a new technology while doing something useful. I still have to refine and document the process to create a new activity but it is not very complex.

It is true that the migration will take time, probably several years but this is something we have to do if we want to stay relevant in the coming years. Look at the translation status here. This new one is no more based on a CMS engine but is coded in python with the jinja2 template engine and generated statically. The site is now generated on the fly including the screenshots pages. Very important, the new site translation is managed through po files like the GCompris code base making it easier for translators to localize the web site.

The source of the site can be found on github here. A few month ago a developer team made an iOS port of GCompris. They just made another port, this time for Android. It is available under the name 'yellow duck' on Google Play. There are a lot of activities, sadly many are not enough polished as we may expect but what this team did is impressive. It is named 'Yellow Duck'. It works like GCompris on Windows, you can dowload it for free and perform an in app purchase to access all the activities.

The GCompris development team is happy to propose you a new version of GCompris numbered This release includes 13 new activities, probably more than any release of GCompris so far. GCompris is a popular high quality educational software suite comprising of numerous activities for children aged 2 to I would like to give a special thanks to Gnome and Google for their support in allowing us to have two students working three months full time on GCompris last summer.

It is way too much work to port it. The release Many bug fixes and translation updates. This year for the first time I proposed GCompris as a project and myself as a mentor. Srishti will be working on adding activities to let non blind children discover the blind world by learning the Braille code. Karthik will let our children discover the music world, an important domain in which GCompris is weak.

Back from Latinoware in Brazil, it was a great experience for me to go that far and discover how much GCompris is appreciated. I met the organisation sleducational. They are making a great job in explaining how free software can be used in day to day training. To me, it is an excellent news to see an organisation taking our work further and providing a local support to teachers in Brazil looking for educational tools.

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Also, I got a lot of feedback and this is mandatory to make sure we continue to be focused on the needs of our users. And of course it gave me a lot of new ideas for GCompris, just need to find some time to code, hopefully when the release 9. I will be in Brazil at Latinoware from the 10th to the 12th of November. This version is a minor update of the 9. In short, this release is a bug fix release of the 9. It is mandatory for all packager to use this one due to the large number of problems we fixed.

After two years of work, the GCompris development team is happy to share with you the release of the version 9. GCompris is almost 10 years old and it required some deep code restructuring. This release brings many mandatory changes to make it easier to enhance, maintain and distribute. The first major change has been driven by the Sugar community. On the XO there was a need to distribute the activities individually.

Since the early days of GCompris, we had properly separated the core engine and the activities but the laters were shared in a single folder. Now each activity in GCompris have a single directory.

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This includes its code and its data menu, icon, images, sounds, data set. Beside allowing per activity distribution, it is also makes it easier to contribute to GCompris, there is even an activity called pythontemplate that can be used as a starting point to create your own.

The second major change has been to replace the old, unmaintained gnome-canvas toolkit by the more modern, Cairo based toolkit named goocanvas. This makes the rendering of GCompris much better, we now have an alpha channel and the antialiasing. This way creating a skin can be done by editing a single file instead of 70 files.

The last change is the image ratio width versus height. Now, to accomodate newer monitors, we are using the x resolution which is wider. But GCompris playing area is not smaller because we managed to replace the big button bar to something more integrated. The full screen is done by rescaling ourself, you can even rescale GCompris in window mode. Beside the major changes, there has been a lot of minor changes all around, it would take too many time to report all of them. I would like first to apologise towards the Portuguese children and teachers who have faced the translation issue.

GCompris supports over 50 languages and its a community based effort. Yes in some case we may ship incomplete or incorrect translations. We have always considered that we need to start somewhere and that an incomplete translation is better than no translation at all. This has worked pretty well so far because once people sees that the translation is not correct they join the project to improve it.

Over the years, the Gnome Translation team gets stronger but for historical reason I kept the bad custom to release po files myself. I now understand how wrong I was. I call again the Gnome translation team to take over the languages I still commit myself. So this is pretty unusual for us to be in the headline. I hope this will calm down so we can go back to what we like to do, help the children learning. Toggle navigation. Hallo, We zijn blij de uitgave van GCompris versie 0. Bekende problemen: De voortgangsbalk voor downloads werkt iet meer.

Dit is een bijproduct van onze omschakeling naar https voor het hosten van de bestanden. We zoeken naar dit verbeteren voor de volgende uitgave. Nu zijn de beide manieren van rendering beschikbaar in hetzelfde installatieprogramma. Standaard proberen we de rendering met OpenGL te doen en als dat niet werkt, dan tonen we een foutmelding en schakelen over naar rendering met software.

Dit automatisch omschakelen is nieuw en zou niet overal kunnen werken. Voor de taal Malayalam, hebben we enige problemen gezien met het standaard lettertype "Andika-R". We bevelen de gebruikers van Malayalam aan om het lettertype Noto-Sans-Malayalam te selecteren uit het menu Toepassingen als het niet beschikbaar is in de lijst dan moet u dit lettertype installeren op uw systeem om het te kunnen selecteren.

Hi, We are happy to bring you GCompris 0. Add Tutorial item to be able to have activity introductions with both images and texts Add easy mode in letter in word with less words displayed Add license page Lots of small bug fixes You can find this new version on the download page. GCompris available from the Windows Store. Spread the word! We are very happy to bring you GCompris 0.

We are happy to bring you GCompris 0. The most important changes in this version are: Categorization, fix the "Shape" category Categorization, fix the menu layout Categorization, display score in expert mode Guesscount, fix invalid result Add Indonesian locale Fix the missing copyright and licence info Fix a font issue on windows version Add a new minimal version with software rendering requires Qt 5. You can retrieve the public key over https here: 0x63dcd7e.

Hi, We are pleased to announce the release of GCompris version 0. If you want to help, please make some posts in your community about GCompris. Hi, just in time for Christmas, we are pleased to announce you the new GCompris version 0. Also, for people who like numbers, we are beyond downloads in the google play store. After 7 months, we are proud to announce the new version of GCompris 0.

A tangram by Bruno Coudoin. It starts with children friendly levels to introduce each concepts little by little and end up in the real tangram. Just looking at the 12 new activities: Bruno: A single player and two player chess activity. It shows the children the possibilities of each pieces and is very easy to win against at first levels.

Bruno: An activity where the children listen to the sound sequence played, and reproduce it by clicking on xylophone's bars. Each word is shown with a voice, a text and an image. When done, an exercise asks him to find the right word given the voice. Pulkit Gupta: A puzzle with famous paintings. Johnny Jazeix, A reading practice activity. Some words are moving, it trains the children to read. Sagar Chand Agarwal part of GSoC : A scientific simulation where the children click on the different stages to make up the power supply.

In it, the children has to click on different active elements: sun, cloud, pumping station, and the sewage treatment plant, in order to reactivate the entire water system. Holger: A fine motor skill practice activity. The children must navigate the ball to the door. Be careful to not make it fall into the holes. On mobile it uses the accelerometer. Rajdeep Kaur: The classical hangman. The children must guess the letters of the given word. To help, on every wrong try, a part of the image representing the word will be revealed.

Bug fixes and improvements: A new activity in the reading section to learn words. Fixed text position.

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Fix a crash in restricted profile. Disabled particle effects as it crashes on several Android devices Our VirtualKeyboard has a larger key height On many activities, normalized difficulty levels. Now level 1 does not require reading skills. Help us bring new improved and unified graphics. Be a part of bringing reading, writing, and arithmetic to million kids.

As such, our development community is proud to participate for the first time to the KDE Randa meeting. This is an excellent opportunity for the GCompris developers to meet in real life and get in touch with experienced KDE developers. Please consider making a donation to help us finance this development sprint. Major fixes Exclude known symbol fonts from the font selector Now the python path separator is ';' on windows.

Before that it was not possible to install GCompris on another disk drive on Windows other than C: Added missing timer images the balloon in the multiplication table activity. Just a little video showing a gimpse of our progress on the port of GCompris in Qt Quick. So far we already have 44 activities on the We now have a configuration dialog box and a menu similar to the old version. Added a font selector in the config dialog box by Bruno Coudoin. This feature replaces the skin selector. Removed the skin gartoon as it is useless now. Minor changes Replaced torta py pastel in Spanish text exercise Added support for localized sound by GunChleoc.

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The background comes from openclipart. Hangman, added missing word files by Bruno Coudoin. The Scottish Gaelic word list was not installed. Added a French word list. Fixed support for accentuated letters. The code that also check for accentuated letter in the word to find was broken. Fixed login by text entry by Bruno Coudoin. Fixed admin log list, user 0 was missing by Bruno Coudoin. Fixed a typo in the help ctrl-x is now ctrl-q by Bruno Coudoin. Awale activity, fixes some bugs especially party end by Nicolas Adenis-Lamarre. Leftright, fixed manual. Fixed wartercycle and hydroelectric activity click events by Hans de Goede.

Added bonus files from gartoon skin by Bruno Coudoin. Changed default skin as gartoon, babytoy has been removed Windows installer, fixed image format by Bruno Coudoin. Config dialog layout change to make more room for texts by Bruno Coudoin. Lang, fixed 'back to last level' mode by Bruno Coudoin. Fixed call to bonus so that we properly log success to each exercise.

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Lang, fixed startup sequence in remember level mode by Bruno Coudoin. The ready button was bypassed in remember level mode. Lang, fixed a python exec error case by Bruno Coudoin. If we have an error in the startup sequence a variable was used non initialized. Administration, layout improvement by Bruno Coudoin. A localize eat. Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation by Adorilson Bezerra.

Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation by Enrico Nicoletto. Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation by Rafael Ferreira. Updated Danish translation by Joe Hansen. Updated Dutch translation master by Herman van Beem. Updated French translation by Bruno Coudoin. Updated Greek translation by Yannis Kaskamanidis. Updated Scottish Gaelic translation by GunChleoc. Updated Spanish translation by Daniel Mustieles.

Updated word list for gd by GunChleoc. Major features A new activity in the reading section that presents a set of image, text and voice to children and an exercise set around them. If you want to thanks Art4Apps for their hard work please consider making a donation on their site. If you want to have a look at what this new activity is about, you can play it online. A rework of many text related activities to support multigraph languages.

Om erachter te komen wat het probleem is in jouw document moet je de opmaaktekens in Word zichtbaar maken. Het kan ook zijn dat je regels ziet waar de woorden 'Paginaonderbreking' in staan. Druk de Delete toets in.

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Het kan zijn dat je nog een paar keer de Delete toets in moet drukken om de hele pagina te verwijderen. Als er een alineateken is dat je niet kunt verwijderen staat dat waarschijnlijk vlak na een tabel. Zet de alineatekens uit. Nu kun je die tekens weer onzichtbaar maken. Methode 2. Vanwege de positie van de Tabel moet Word de opmaakgegevens van het document in een lege alinea bewaren net onder de tabel. Probeer deze methode als je een sjabloon of template in Word gebruikt zoals een cv, diagram, brochure , omdat die vaak tabellen bevatten.

Ga naar het tabblad Tabel onder Tools. Als je het tabblad niet ziet bovenaan op je scherm, klik dan ergens in de tekst net boven de blanco pagina en als het goed is komt het dan tevoorschijn. Klik op 'Opmaak' op het tabblad Tabel onder Tools. De instellingen van de tabel verschijnen dan op de bovenste balk.

Selecteer 'Rasterlijnen weergeven. Activeer de alineamarkeerders. Ga naar het tabblad Home. Nu je het alineateken geselecteerd hebt is het tijd om de lettergrootte te wijzigen.